Life is the first miracle,Love is the second-marge piercy

Mirror Slide 09

It's now 9 months since I moved to South Carolina and I will be leaving here by April 1st. I have a job offer in Chicago and one in Raleigh North much for Key West fla right??

This has been a great experience. Im glad to be leaving the actual area..but I wouldn't trade it.

I came here with relationships intact that had their foundations shaken. Business and Friendship don't always go together. I had no idea that people wanted me to fail...I had no idea that they were jealous of my relationship to my much has happened....and I reacted with such a naive intellect.

I saw a documentary about American Cults. Most notably..Jonestown; someone commented that very idealistic people were most likely to fall for very charismatic leaders and would do Anything they were asked due to their very Unrealistic view of Life.

I couldn't help but see myself in that comment. All of my life, and blame this on whatever childhood trauma you like,I have sought an altar on which to lay myself.

I have treated my Bosses, my friends and my boy friends like they were Gods.

Well it's never fun or entertaining to talk about the Ugly Side is it? :)

Im heartbroken...about losing KC as not only my boss...but as my friend...As always..I had to Run Away...because I was basing life decisions on his every living word.

He has had one mission in my life and that was to hold the Mirror.

I asked God for god gave me KC...and the Mirror that he held in front of me...showed me Beauty and Weakness....

it showed me a lifetime of genuine kindness,genuine fear, real life spiritual blindness, residual eating disorder madness, and a grown up .

What are your Values? Do you know how to answer that question?

When I was posed that question...I Honestly couldn't answer!

Now I can.

Because once slate is cleared of any Heroes.

there are no gods in this world

but one.

and at least that god wants to bring peace to humanity.



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